Welcome to Compliance for Calif. Nonprofits.

My name is Josh Wagner.

I'm a consultant, educator and IRS Registered Tax Return Preparer for nonprofit organizations (NPOs).
Part of my work consists of helping NPOs to remain in good standing so they can enjoy all the benefits of tax-exemption.

This Web site is designed to assist NPOs to do just that.

This site also helps non-compliant NPOs  to correct their situation. (Sometimes it make take years to realize they're out of compliance.)

The Above Tabs
The above tabs are the government agencies that California 501(c)(3) organizations must report to. (Religious NPOs don't report to the Attorney General.)

Each tab above contains information on:

filing requirements

* common causes of non-compliance
* how to reach each agency.

What's wrong with non-compliance?

If any of the above 4 agencies declares you delinquent, you relinquish your right to engage in your regular activities, receive donations, spend funds, etc.

Recently one organization lost the use of their corporate name, which was snapped up by someone else during their suspension.

But as I said, by following the instructions in this site, you should have no problem staying in compliance.

Josh Wagner of Compliance for California Nonprofits

Contact me via phone or email for a quick diagnosis of your compliance issue.

Ready? Okay, read on . . .